Snow In Navarre, Florida

Why This Web Site?

This is just a quick web site to document our atttempts to make snow in Navarre, Florida.   This project began with a phone conversation between us.   Who is the "us"?   Well, the "us" are Carroll Levison and Tony Scott.   We are two Navarre, Florida residents who have a burning quest for knowledge.

Tony holding snow ball.

As we were discussing our weekend plans, we got on the subject of the weather forcast.   The forcast was for extremely cold weather and we were going thorugh our "Freeze Checklist".   You know, cover plants, drain sprinkler pump, protect pool pump, etc.   One of us mentioned "snow" and the quest began.   Tony quickly did some web research and found a fantastic web site with information for making snow (   We discussed the possibilities and decided it would be interesting to try it and it would also provide some education for your kids.

Car covered with snow.
From the pictures you can see that we were successful in our endeavors and quickly developed this web page to document our efforts.   Click on the links to learn more about what we did.   The "Event Log" details our efforts, the "Specs" show pictures and details of the actual snow making device", and you can see some short video clips of our adventures by clicking on one of the video links.

LEGAL NOTICE: We are just two guys having a little fun.   We do not recommend that anyone else try this and we have not intentionally violated any copyright laws or intentionally infringed on anyone's rights.   We do not assume any responsibility for the safety of the equipment design or processes.   Anyone who views our pages and decides to try this for themselves must do so at their own risk.

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